Operational efficiency and cost reduction are essential cornerstones of company success. These are only a few of the many reasons for delegating company processes and functions to professional partners. Our solutions and competency enable the company to concentrate on its core business.

Why Warth & Klein Grant Thornton?

A worldwide manufacturer sold an aluminum foundry in Germany to a private equity firm in order to concentrate on its actual core business. As advisor to the investor, we conceived and took charge of outsourcing activities. The German company was spun out of the corporation and the necessary processes in accounting and controlling were restructured. We supported the establishment of the new processes and in the process took over a number of services ourselves, such as complete handling of the financial accounting, including cost accounting, payroll accounting and factoring and dunning support. Moreover, we took on responsibility for preparing the annual financial statements and conducting ongoing tax consulting. Our solution ensures that any areas we take over which lack qualified personnel (HR, accounting, taxes) are nevertheless competently and professionally covered. By linking accounting with tax advising, tax-relevant aspects and risk are directly identified and can be handled immediately. Outsourcing thereby leads to projectable costs and guaranteed transparency and security. Tax issues with foreign elements are directly resolved and processed with our foreign member firms. Outsourcing enables us to create global transparency.

For this purpose, we firstly analyze the status quo. Building on this basis, we then develop a solution concept, which for global issues takes place using our software solution Onesource as a workflow manager (status retrieval in real time and standard file repository location). After agreeing on the concept with the client, we then launch the transition and implementation of the necessary processes.

Our solutions

We offer solutions precisely customized to fit your needs:

  • Tax consulting
  • Accounting
  • Personnel administration
  • Annual financial statement preparation
  • Controlling, business consulting
  • Global coordination via a German coordination team as a central contact point and worldwide information pooling in one tool (Onesource)
  • One-stop global tax compliance and financial statements