Governance, Risk, Compliance & Technology

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Governance, Risk, Compliance & Technology

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Protecting companies from business risks, statutory violations and damages from both external parties and its own employees has become an issue of growing importance. On the one hand, ever more complex regulations, the internationalization of supplier and sales markets and the penetration of IT into all areas of business activity have contributed to establishing a continual state of danger. On the other hand, company managements have been saddled with greater personal liability and prosecutions by the authorities have steadily intensified.

We support company managements and supervisory organs in defending against risks and resolving incidents. In the process, we rely on customized solutions based on the size and complexity of the particular business model and the individual risk profile. This allows us to support, for example, eDiscovery projects for DAX companies as well as the establishment of compliance management systems for Mittelstand companies. Why Warth & Klein Grant Thornton?

Warth & Klein Grant Thornton has a team of about 20 experts (auditors, lawyers, IT specialists) in Germany and can deliver support across national boundaries via the Grant Thornton network in over 100 countries. In addition, the firm maintains close cooperations with additional specialists (e.g. with crisis communications experts and security firms) as well as with lawyers (for example: antitrust or criminal law). Warth & Klein Grant Thornton can thereby remedy and solve a crisis situation holistically.

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