Head of Audit PHB

Hermann-Josef Schulze Osthoff

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Auditing increases the reliability of your company information for all decision-makers – thereby building credibility and trust. This applies for obligatory annual and consolidated financial statement audits as well as for special auditing services and certifications. With its independent and competently executed auditing services, Warth & Klein Grant Thornton guarantees a high degree of security and trust, both for its clients and those who use their financial statements.

Why Warth & Klein Grant Thornton?

Here we combine the agility of a Mittelstand company with a strong international network, making us a reliable partner for dynamic international companies.

Our solutions

One focus of our activity lies in financial statements and special audits legally required according to trade law regulations and international standards. For voluntary audits and external assessments of the facts, we also support you with independent and competent evaluations. In brief overview, our services include:

  • Annual and consolidated financial statement audits
  • Audit reviews
  • Preparing annual and consolidated financial statements
  • Accounting-related consultation (HGB [German Commercial Code] and IFRS)
  • Other audits and advisory services