We combine global reach and personal connection

There are multitudes of reasons to become active abroad. And the issues that confront companies operating beyond national borders are every bit as varied and new. As the German member firm of the Grant Thornton International network, Warth & Klein Grant Thornton can offer you optimal support in your international activities.

Grant Thornton International combines the strength of global resources with its very special way of working with clients.

In numbers: Grant Thornton International is a global company consisting of member firms with US$ 5.45 billion annual revenues and approximately 53,000 employees in over 135 countries.

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Despite this enormous reach, the central focus for us remains our clients and their unique individual requirements. We are interested in your challenges, your growth objectives and your business environment. We offer no standard solutions – we encourage clients to talk about their business while we listen. We keep our eyes on the big picture and offer you fresh impulses and innovative solutions. Consistently assigning Partners to projects ensures that clients receive the attention and advice that advance their growth. The strengths of Grant Thornton International include:

  • We support you in establishing and expanding international operations and centrally coordinate even complex international projects and audits
  • We perform international financial statement audits with an integrative auditing software based on unified quality standards
  • Our international practice groups address complex international tax issues involving bilateral or multilateral relationships
  • We support you with international expert teams for cross-border acquisitions